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Fall Winter  '21/'22 

A look that transcends seasonal trend and promotes a timeless aesthetic.

Tailored double-face garments with woolen finishes and ribbons embroideries.

Constant is the fabric research, together with a strong taste for couture in proportions and details.

A foto di immagine  di copertina.jpg

Spring Summer '21 

Graphic lines opposed to the fluid ones, and a palette that is reflected in the colour shades of nature.

Look feminine and minimal at the same time, influenced by an accurate research of materials: the message is timeless and ageless. Radical semplicity of shapes and surfaces enlivened by graphic inlays of petals.

A-Foto di immagine di copertina_edited.j

Fall Winter '20/'21

The synthesis of lines and an authentic and fascinating essentiality define the nature of the collection.

Bold colours, sharp cuts on the silhouette and geometric movements of braided silk and double-face are techniques of the masterful artisanal tradition of made in Italy .

A-foto di immagine di copertina_edited.j

Summer Resort Collection

A combination of shapes and cuts for a styling twist collection.

Soft silhouette for the long dresses with happy printed flower and feathers create a contemporary fashion concept where the mix and match of fabrics dominates in a free and sophisticated style.

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